17 Kids Ikea Hacks That Will Save You Serious Money

Kids grow up so quickly and are constantly outgrowing their clothes, toys, beds, room paint colors – you name it. That’s where these awesome kids Ikea hacks come in handy! You can easily create stylish looking bedrooms and playrooms for your kids without breaking the bank so you don’t mind when they inevitably grow out of them sooner than you know it.

1. DIY Toddler Learning Tower from BEKVAM Stool

Perfect for your little helper in the kitchen or in the bathroom, these toddler learning towers are so inexpensive and easy to make from the Ikea BEKVAM stool. (via Happy Grey Lucky)

2. ODDVAR Stool Made into a Play Kitchen

Who would have thought that with just a few hooks, knobs and some paint you could transform a simple Ikea ODDVAR stool into a play kitchen that will inspire endless hours of imagination. (via Ikea Hackers)

3. KURA Castle Bed Ikea Hack

I still remember going over to one of my friends house as a kid that had these amazing triple decker bunk beds that had a built in playroom and everything! So, I was immediately in love with this amazing KURA castle bed ikea hack and want to crawl in the cozy book nook right now! (via Ikea Hackers)

4. Kids Ikea Hack Map Table

Maps are such a cute idea for a kids room theme. They are colorful, inspire adventure and learning, and are very inexpensive to buy and frame. Need the perfect piece of furniture to go with it? Try out this inexpensive and cute kids Ikea hack to makeover a cheap table. (via Pillar Box Blue)

5. Ikea Activity Table Hack Under $40

For under $50 you can recreate this brilliant craft/play station from the Ikea LATT table. With just a few simple additions, you can create a piece that is as functional as it is adorable. (via Style Your Senses)

6. New Use for Ikea RIBBA Picture Ledges

I love children’s books so naturally I am drawn to the idea of using them to decorate a kids room. Perhaps the easiest and most inexpensive way to do this is using Ikea’s RIBBA picture ledges. (via Apartment Therapy)

7. LATT Table and Chairs Ikea Hack for Kids

For this Ikea hack, you can have some fun mommy and me time where you go and pick out the exact paper your kiddo wants and customize a plain Ikea LATT table however they would like. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

8. $4 Ikea Spice Rack –> Book Shelf

You had me at $4! No, but seriously, children’s books are perhaps my favorite kids room decor item, so I adore this clever hack to create shelves for less than a Subway sandwich. (via Lay Baby Lay)

9. Kids Ikea Hacks for Toy Organization

Speaking of super inexpensive kids Ikea hacks, check out this brilliant use of the magnetic knife strips from Ikea to organize toy cars. (via Keeping Up with the Souths)

10. Kids Ikea Hacks: Train Activity Table

There’s nothing cuter than watching your kids play with their toy set, but there’s nothing worse than stepping on them all over the floor. That’s why this activity table is so perfect! It is the perfect surface for play that also has a ton of built in storage for easy cleanup. (via The Crazy Craft Lady)

11. Magnetic Makeover of IKEA Light

You probably don’t even recognize what the base is for this clever kids ikea hack. It is actually the butterfly light at Ikea that has magnets at the end so you can simply swap out the butterflies for magnetic letters, stars, flowers or whatever else you’d like. (via Ikea Hackers)

12. BILLY Bookcase Turned Kids Book Shelf Console

If I just saw this picture I would swear that it was an expensive piece from a store like West Elm. However, when I found out it was an Ikea hack, I immediately pinned it and made plans to make it! It looks so expensive and is the perfect piece to organize your kid’s book collection. (via This Little Street)

13. Kids Ikea Hack for Morning Chore Charts

It’s safe to say that parent’s are going to like this kids ikea hack much more than their kids ? (via The Crafting Chicks)

14. DIY Ikea Bakery Play Shop

What is it about owning a bakery that is so darn appealing no matter how old you are? You will love playing bakery with your kiddos with this adorable bakery play shop that is actually an Ikea hack! (via Damask Love)

15. Kids Ikea Art Cart

If you are a teacher or a mom, this kids Ikea art cart hack will certainly come in handy for keeping all your arts and crafts supplies organized and easy to access. (via Life with Fingerprints)

16. Kids Ikea Hacks for Hanging Artwork

Don’t spend money on artwork when you’ve got your very own in house artist! I love this clean minimalist way to display all of your kiddo’s artwork using the Ikea DIGNITET hanging wire system – they will be so proud! (via Pinterest)

17. Easy DIY Lego Table Ikea Hack

You won’t believe how easy this kids Ikea hack is! In just three steps and a few minutes, you can tranform your Ikea LACK side table into a fun DIY lego table! (via The Decorated Cookie)


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