9 Closet Organizers You Can’t Live Without

I rarely hear people say that they love their closet and have enough extra space to set up a small shop in there, but I am sure there are some who do.  Let’s call them the 1%, just for fun ?

The rest of the 99% are looking for ways to best utilize the space they have.  I am the 99%.  And I am looking for organization. function.  creativity.  I am resourceful…and by “resourceful” I mean that I can see other people’s amazing closets and copy them ?

Door organizer

I know I am unreasonably obsessed with these, but they serve sooo many purposes.  I imagine I will one day end up on Hoarders, with shoe organizers on every door, chalk full of things I “need.”  Door hangers in closets can be used for shoes, accessories, scarves, socks, rolled up belts, swimsuits, lingerie, you. name. it.



I realize this isn’t an “organizational” thing, but hello!  I have the darkest closet and it is sooo hard to tell navy from black.  One day not that far in the future, I will have can lights.  But if you don’t want to add cans, you can use battery operated light fixtures, like lamps or overhead lights.  IKEA has some pretty cool lighting ideas that would work wonderfully.


Add a Bar

If you are limited on space, raise the bar and add another bar for extra hanging space. Just make sure you have a step ladder or a stool to pull the clothes off the high shelf without injuring yourself or damaging the clothing.


Shoe Storage

If you have decided to use your door hanger for something different, invest in a shoe organizing system.  My system happens to be plastic shelves that we bought years ago that you just slide together in a PVC pipe type of manner, but I stack them up and I have 2 layers of shoes across my closet.


Clothes Storage

Fabric Stash Storage Bins from Great Useful Stuff are just that-great and useful.  They have tall sides, and it is easy to stack clothes in them because they won’t topple over.


Wire Racks

For small and tight closets, organization can seem impossible. But use some wire racks to optimize your space! Place wire racks to maximize all the space you have. They also are great because you can store things on top of them and hangers below them!


Soda Pop Tabs

This is a great idea to not only maximize closet space but to also keep the clothes together that complement each other. Simply slip a soda tab over one hanger and then hang the other one on the open end!



Keep things simple and at easy-access with this helpful tip! Store the most used articles of clothing at eye level, the less used down by your feel, and the least used up high. This will give you easy access to what you like to wear most, while keeping the other things out of your way until you want them!



Consider storing your seasonal clothes in a separate closet out in the hallway or somewhere else. This is especially useful with winter coats because they’re so bulky. Free up some of that closet space for things you’re going to actually wear that day!


Source : sunlitspaces.com