Then And Now Photos Of Planets Which Are Way Beyond Your Imagination

The firsts of everything are important, aren’t they? Especially the first pictures ever captured of the moon, the earth, and the other planets. Earlier starting from the 1800s, a lot of first full detailed images were captured of the planets but only with the help of telescopes and the better cameras of those times.

Now that we have come so far with the technology and the gadgets, we can see the huge difference in the pictures. It helps us realize how far we have come. Many photos of the planets were not very clear earlier as it was hard to get high-quality images then. But now, the story is entirely different.

Today, we bring you some such pictures where you can see the differences and compare.

Moon: 1840 | 2013

One of the first pictures ever taken of the moon was back in 1840. The latter image you see is a much recent image captured in 2008.

Jupiter: 1879 | 2014

The first picture of Jupiter from 1879. The second one is from 2014.

Earth: 1972 | 2015

The first picture you see is from 1972 from Apollo 7. Sure there are other pictures available but the one with the full view was this one. The second one is a composite picture which was taken in 2015.

Mars: 1956 | 2014

One of the oldest pictures to be seen of Mars is from 1956. The second image is from ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission in 2014.

Uranus: 1986 | 2004

The first picture of Uranus was taken in 1986 by Voyager 2. The more recent one is from 2004.

Venus: 1974 | 2008

The first picture of Venus was taken in 1974 by NASA’s Mariner 10. Whereas a more recent picture can be seen from 2008 in the picture. Its temperature is hot enough to melt lead.

Saturn: 1980 | 2017

The first picture of Saturn you see is from 1980. The second (and clearer) one is from 2017.

Pluto: 2003 | 2015

We are not here to debate whether Pluto is still a planet or not. We are just here to show the images from 2003 and 2015.

Image source: NASA

That’s all for now. Did we miss out on some images? Do you have any suggestions to make our posts better?