20 People who deserves to be Punched on their Face for these Dumb-Acts

Due to lack of thinking capability and reasoning power, there are some people who put obviously stupid posts on the internet and expect people to buy their fake story as if it was 100% genuine. I mean who are we kidding here? Just because the Internet is for everyone and it is a free country, it doesn’t mean you can put anything and expect to get positive reviews on them. It’s not healthy to be that naive and stupid at the same time.

From ridiculous photoshop fails to cooked up stories the list does not end here. As of now, we can’t do anything about it but to just bear their imbecile nature and accept the fact that dumbness is a natural instinct too. So, to annoy you once and for all, here are some pictures that were taken by people who need to be banned from the internet, period!

1. So, the pic was taken by itself and the fonts miraculously appeared.


2. Because the lab knows how creepy the vet doc is.


3. I don’t trust in perfection anymore.


4. Yeah, right, and I got mine from Mars.


5. Why do you have to fake it when everyone else is doing it?


6. Aria Montgomery from PLL clearly uses her cell inverted.


7. You mean the last pair?


8. Just admit it photoshop is not for everyone.


9. Lays are liars, they have some space issue.


10. Like that’s totally invisible.


11. Since when did eyebrows grow on hair?


12. Then did a Makeup artist visited you in your dreams?


1. What the heck did you eat, a football?


14. Have some dignity at least man, that’s a kids park!


15. No offense but sometimes it’s hard being a vegan.


16. Wait there is one extra man, is he suppose to be invisible?


17. Just anything for attention.


18. Woah, that’s a roast that was very needed to say.


19. Wonder who she will send it too?


20. You see, Arnold’s arms don’t fit everyone.


(h/t: eBaum’s World)